Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

Restoration and Use of the Canadian Pattern Broad Axe

Corey Pool is a conservation carpenter with a reverence for the history of our region's rich lumber and timber era. He will discuss the Canadian pattern broad axe and its significance to Ottawa and the Outaouais.  He will also demonstrate traditional hewing techniques, and discuss the rising interest in the conservation of living history.

In addition to Mr. Pool's feature presentation, there's the usual fare: a 50-50 draw, Show-and-Tell, tool swap, and some milling about.

Our February meeting falls on the fourth of the month.  Meetings take place from 7 to 9 PM in the basement gym of the Bethany Baptist Church.  It is where Centrepointe meets Baseline, the Western of the two meeting points, kitty-corner from Angelo's.  Come as early as 6:30 if you'd like to help set up.  It's best to bring separate dry indoor footwear for the gym.

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Kerf-thick splines (or keys) from "I simply built it" on YouTube.

In the January meeting, some were interested in seeing the video showing how to rip spline-thick stock for a kerf made with a table saw.  The name of the channel cited was "I Simply Built It".  Those four words into a search engine are sure to cough up the channel.  Here is a
link to the specific video that shows how to do it.
If clicking the link does not work then typing (or copy-&-pasting) this mouthful into an address field will:

We Have a YouTube Channel

We, the Ottawa Woodworkers Association that is, now have a YouTube channel under the channel name: Ottawa Woodworkers.  And the channel has a video, namely, Karen McBride's Shop Tour that President Rob Suarez produced.  A well positioned click should bring up the video.  If not, you can search for the channel and video with "YouTube Ottawa Woodworkers" in a browser's search or address field.

2020 Year Debut: Tuesday January 7.

Our first OWA meeting in 2020 will take place on the 7th.  As always, the meeting runs from 7 to 9 PM -- come up to half an hour early if you would like to help set up.  It's in the basement of the Bethany Baptist Church at the western intersection of Baseline and Centrepointe.  New members are welcome -- no experience necessary -- to attend one or two meetings on us while deciding whether to commit.  Be sure to bring dry indoor footwear for the gym floor.

Our feature presentation:  Gary Devries will offer up tips and tricks in using patterns in cabinet making. Along with the regular stuff: 50/50 Draw, Tool Swap, and Show-and-Tell.

December 3rd Social and Canada has the best screws.

Our next meeting takes place on Tuesday December 3, as always except for the other times, on the first Tuesday of the month.  Here's what our OWA President, Rob Suarez, says about it:

The OWA welcomes all members, their family and friends who wish to attend this year's December social meeting.  We ask members to bring snacks, pot luck style, to accompany the coffee and drinks we will have on hand.  Bring the holiday gifts you're currently working on for the Show-and-Tell segment.  Bring your unwanted tools as we would like to see a large tool sale as part of this event.  There will be a hand-tool challenge.  Those participating in the hand-tool challenge will earn a ballot for the (TBA) prize.  See you all there. 
Rob Suarez

The social is to be at our regular site, the basement of the Bethany Baptist Church at the Western intersection of Centrepoint and Baseline, 7 to 9 PM.  Bring separate dry footwear for the gym floor.

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November's meeting will be at the Wadkin Temple

November's meeting (on Tuesday the 5th) will be held at The Wadkin Temple, also known as Jack's woodshop.  High Priest Jack Forsberg will be demonstrating and explaining traditional joinery on vintage machines, in his overwhelmingly beautiful shop.  There will be no Show-and-Tell this meeting as all the time from 7 to 9 PM will be dedicated to this very special event.  PLEASE invite friends with any inkling for woodworking.  The meeting is open to members, not-yet members, and non-members of the Ottawa Woodworking Association; in other words, everybody is invited! The Wadkin Temple is where Jack hosts his annual Great Canadian Rust Junkie Fest in July.  The address is 6220 Old Richmond Road, Richmond, ON, K0A 2Z0.  There is plenty of room to park on the street.  If you would like to car-pool, you can park at our regular venue, Bethany Baptist Church at the western intersection of Centrepointe and Baseline, say, around 6:20 PM and leave the church by 6:35.  Or you can organize…