Jazz Up your Tool Handles

Are you up for a special treat in October's meeting?  Karen McBride has upgraded her internet service and will be able to star in the Feature Presentation of the Month .  Her topic will be Inlay Bespoked Tool Handles .  Yes that's so: Instead of settling for a plain hickory hammer handle, why not jazz it up with a meaningful -- or just pretty -- inlay?  As always there will be time for the rest of us to contribute with shop tours, summer accomplishments, Q's to be A'ed by the experienced among us, personal tool reviews, and any other short presentations of interest to woodworkers. So, if you're on the mailing list of the Ottawa Woodworkers Association or that of the Kingston Artisans, you will soon receive a Zoom invitation to the meeting: First Tuesday in October (the 5th) starting at 7 PM.  Come early -- at 6:59 -- to help set up chairs.

Members set to storm September 7th meeting.

Unless there is a late breaking development, we, the Ottawa Woodworkers, are going to storm the meeting on the 7th with a flurry of personal accounts.  What accounts?  What woodworking project did you finish this summer?  What did you start?  Did you acquire a new skill in the shop?  Was there a major or minor shop reorganization?  Is there a Shop Tour for us to enjoy?  Our own Wayne Richardson moved house recently and is looking at a blank canvas of a shop.  Rumour says he will start a series of short reports detailing the shop's development.  What's more, you can use your time to declare what you would like to see in these Zoom meetings.  It's a good bet they will go on for a bit, so come out and tell the fragments of the Executive what you think would be a useful or interesting presentation.  So, from now to the 7th of September, work on your own presentation, whether it's canned or on-the-fly.  Don't make us call names.

June 1 is about Timber Framing.

Well, OK, not all of it is about timber framing.  But some of it is!  Seems too some of it is about Fine Home Building.  Past President Rob Suarez has prepared a short presentation on the topic, so there will be time for everyone's shows and tells, questions, and so forth.  But here's a description of Rob's feature presentation in his own words: At the end of my carpentry career I had the privilege of working on a high end home where carpentry started to blurr the lines into woodworking.  The job required a lot of patience and time and most importantly exacting skill.  In this slide show we’ll see how these three unique jobs were accomplished and lastly get a visual tour of the final results.  I’ll discuss the numbers too, hours and pricing to acheive this project. We’ll explore a pine and cedar timber framed screened in porch, a seamless continuous grain, with multiple hidden doors carport, and lastly a two story guard/handrail white oak architectural element. Look

An Intro to Turning with Louis Boucher

If you missed May's meeting, no worries, here's a reprieve.  Master turner Louis Boucher screened an hour long introduction to lathe work .  It was aimed at folks who are contemplating getting a lathe or those who have neglected lathes sitting in dusty corners of their shops.  In the video he covered topics like essential needs in specifications and accessories; explained how and when the different turning tools are used; and demonstrated in real time turning a mallet and bowl from scratch.  And then he donated the mallet and bowl for a draw to the club.  Here is a shorter introduction -- only 12 minutes -- to woodturning by M. Boucher, given at Lee Valley three years earlier.  If he has whetted an appetite for learning more about turning, consult the list of Lee Valley presentations to see when he is speaking next.  Un gros merci to M. Boucher for his informative presentation, a highlight of this year's meetings!

We Take the Stage Again with a Theme: HELP

Looking forward to another chat with your co-members of the Ottawa Woodworkers Association?  Well, it's coming up on Tuesday the 6th of April 2021.  Look for an invitation in your email to the 7:00 PM Zoom get-together. We can talk about anything related to woodworking, naturally, but for this month Jocelyn Plourde suggested a theme, namely,  Help!  Strange goings on visited his bandsaw this week, and he would like to get to the bottom of it; what caused the weird behaviour?  Those of us with extensive bandsaw experience are encouraged to attend the meeting, so as to help Jocelyn restore sensibility to his machine.  And if anyone else seeks answers to problems of any sort in the woodshop, please bring your concerns to the fore.  As usual our meeting will proceed following a format free-of-structure, so as soon as one conversation dies down, chime in with your concern.  No need to register beforehand, and even if you think of an issue at the meeting itself, at the last minute, spit

New Page Under Development: Files

March 2, 2021:  A new permanent page is being developed to store member-created files and to make them available for download.  Often the file will be a slide show at a past meeting, but there is no restriction on the types of files stored there as long as they're legal.  Access to this page is by clicking the "FILES" tab along the top edge of this page. March 3: Link to YouTube video on how to make perfect splines or keys added.

Feature Presentation for March 2: Us!

Alright.  There's no way to spin it.  We do not have a feature presenter for our March 2, 2021, first Tuesday of the month, meeting.  Still, some of us are having birthdays in March, so that's something. We will do again what we did last month, execute a move first put forth by Mark Allen when he was Program Director, namely, we turn the meeting over to us, the members.  So, what do you have to Show-and-Tell us?  Are there Shop Tips you would like to share?  What about Jigs , are there some that work really well for you?  Maybe there's a recent Shop Improvement to crow about?  To take a page from Fine Woodworking, what about Methods of Work ?  And one more: How do I ... [fill in the blank]?  To explain, every meeting has one or more of us who have solved the very problem that faces you now.  Ask your question at the meeting, and just pray you don't get too many conflicting answers.  Look, there must be a million things you do or wonder that merit sharing.  Bring t