December 3rd Social and Canada has the best screws.

Our next meeting takes place on Tuesday December 3, as always except for the other times, on the first Tuesday of the month.  Here's what our OWA President, Rob Suarez, says about it:

The OWA welcomes all members, their family and friends who wish to attend this year's December social meeting.  We ask members to bring snacks, pot luck style, to accompany the coffee and drinks we will have on hand.  Bring the holiday gifts you're currently working on for the Show-and-Tell segment.  Bring your unwanted tools as we would like to see a large tool sale as part of this event.  There will be a hand-tool challenge.  Those participating in the hand-tool challenge will earn a ballot for the (TBA) prize.  See you all there. 
Rob Suarez

The social is to be at our regular site, the basement of the Bethany Baptist Church at the Western intersection of Centrepoint and Baseline, 7 to 9 PM.  Bring separate dry footwear for the gym floor.

So here's how it came about that Canada has t…

November's meeting will be at the Wadkin Temple

November's meeting (on Tuesday the 5th) will be held at The Wadkin Temple, also known as Jack's woodshop.  High Priest Jack Forsberg will be demonstrating and explaining traditional joinery on vintage machines, in his overwhelmingly beautiful shop.  There will be no Show-and-Tell this meeting as all the time from 7 to 9 PM will be dedicated to this very special event.  PLEASE invite friends with any inkling for woodworking.  The meeting is open to members, not-yet members, and non-members of the Ottawa Woodworking Association; in other words, everybody is invited! The Wadkin Temple is where Jack hosts his annual Great Canadian Rust Junkie Fest in July.  The address is 6220 Old Richmond Road, Richmond, ON, K0A 2Z0.  There is plenty of room to park on the street.  If you would like to car-pool, you can park at our regular venue, Bethany Baptist Church at the western intersection of Centrepointe and Baseline, say, around 6:20 PM and leave the church by 6:35.  Or you can organize…

What is WebMembs?

OK, a bit of word play there, joining Web to Member to indicate a page dedicated to OWA members who have an independent presence on the internet, be it via their businesses or their hobby pages.  George has compiled this page from past bumpings-in with members who have told him of their web sites and blogs.  Others he has discovered by accident.  No doubt, he has not found them all.  So, if you're an OWA member and have something woodworking related on the internet, tell George about it next time you see him.  Slip its URL discretely to him at the next meeting and speak the secret code.  Or email the link to

Now, if you are on the page, and the links are all accurate, but you would like to update/modify/edit/correct/embellish its write-up, again, tell George.  Something new to add?...tell George.

Dues Payment by Website Reactivated

We suspended dues payment using PayPal on this website from about mid September until now, October 1, 2019.  It has now been re-activated.  So if you wish to pay OWA dues by clicking the "Dues" tab to access the PayPal utility, feel free to go ahead.  Jack Forsberg and Charles Robineau, your payments using PayPal occurred before we suspended the site, so they came through intact.

First Tuesday in October Meeting.

Well, it could not come any earlier.  The first Tuesday in October is the 1st of the month, so collect up your Shows-and-Tells, bring some cash for the 50-50 draw or for refreshments, and get ready to brag about your accomplishments or to learn how to get it right next time from our experienced members.

Our feature presentation this month is by Norman Pirollo.  He will reveal some of the secrets to success with Kumiko, those lacy geometric meshes that adorn panels and openings in furniture.  Angles?  Shmangles!  Norman will tell all.

Meetings run from 7 to 9 PM, but come a little early if you'd like to help set up.  They are held in the basement of Bethany Baptist Church at the Western intersection of Centrepointe and Baseline.  Turn South when you see Angelo's.  And don't forget dry indoor footwear.

New members are welcome, and you can attend one or two meetings at no cost if you would like to try us out before joining the OWA.  Register with Don at the door.  Regula…

Paying Dues by Website...arrested...NOW RELEASED!

We have temporarily sidelined this website's utility for OWA dues payment.  If you paid dues for the 2019-20 season using the PayPal utility, the one under the "Dues" tab, please let our Treasurer, Jocelyn Plourde, know.

If you would like to pay dues for this (2019-20) season, please do so in person using cash or a cheque to Jocelyn or Don at the next meeting.  Return to this site for an announcement about when website payment is restored.

Season Launch, 2nd Tuesday in September

So ordinarily we meet on first Tuesdays, but, as we've done for a few years lately, we will start the season on the second Tuesday in September, and we will start the year on the second Tuesday in January.  Once again, Roger secured the Bethany Baptist Church basement for our use on September's second Tuesday, the 10th.  The meeting starts at 7 PM, and doors open around 6:30 if you'd like to help set up.  Remember too that if the weather is bad to bring dry indoor footwear for the gym.

September 10th’s feature presenter will be our own Nick Verbree, AKA Old Soldier Toolworks, discussing metallurgy for woodworking.  We will also be looking to elect this season's Vice President and Program Coordinator.  We'll be back to the first Tuesday of the month for October.