Curved Joinery with Scott Grove

October's meeting of the OWA will take place -- virtually -- on the second Tuesday in October, the 6th, at 7 PM.  The 90 minute presentation including Q & A will be given by Scott Grove.  The topic is Curved Joinery.  Scott Grove is a master designer with a rich, widely ranging portfolio.  To see some of his artistic accomplishments, visit his web site at

The virtual presentation will be delivered to your home via Zoom, an application for hosting meetings that works on modern electronic devices ranging from desktops to cellphones, including laptops and tablets.  If you're not familiar with Zoom, download a copy -- it's free -- to your device well before the meeting.  You will receive an email notice a little before the meeting starts; with it you will be able to click through to the meeting itself.  Use the email address that you gave to the OWA when you signed up or, to register a current email address, send the info to ottawa.woodworkers.assoc@gmail.…

Coming September 1st, The OWA 2020-21 Season's First Tuesday

As you likely expected, there will be no physical get-togethers in September, and it is very possible this means the entire 2020-21 year.  Nevertheless, the OWA Executive will try to provide some interaction on First Tuesdays of each month using Zoom, starting with Tuesday September 1.

How will it work?  Early on, we will try to feed main presentations to the membership in Live Streamed form.  This means that a certain time (Likely 7 PM on a first Tuesday) someone will host a Zoom meeting and present a woodworky topic.  Members will be able to watch the presentation, and we may even be able to handle questions from the participants.  As we get better at this, we expect to provide Show-and-Tell segments.   There will be bugs and failures along the way, naturally.

If you have not used Zoom we recommend you install it and practise using it.  You can watch a YouTube introduction to Zoom .  If you would like to practice watching live sessions, send your email address to Geo…

June Cancelled.

Not just the meeting; we're cancelling the month.  Seriously, no surprise, the June meeting of the Ottawa Woodworkers Association that would otherwise take place on the 2nd, will not be held.  As that meeting would have called for the election of the 2020-2021 OWA officers, the current OWA executive will meet, virtually, to discuss provisional properties of the next OWA season.  If firm-ish plans emerge, they will be described here.  Check back.

So everyone, have a great (i.e. safe) summer break!

Ken's on YouTube.

So here's some good news while we await the All Clear: Ken Dixon started a YouTube Channel.  His first video features a shop tour.  If you subscribe to his channel, you won't have to scour the internet to see when next he posts an episode.

Meetings Cancelled.

It won't come as a surprise that tonight's meeting (May 5th) will not take place, nor will any other until further notice. Stay safe, whatever it takes.

April 2020 Meeting Cancelled

And here is the official wording emailed to OWA members from Don Duchesne, OWA Secretary: Based on the recommendation from Ottawa's Medical Officer of Health we are canceling the April meeting for the Ottawa Woodworkers Association.  Keep an eye on your email as we will try our best to keep you up to date. PS: We are still looking for suggestions for presentations.  Even if it can't be given this season we can put the idea in the hopper for next fall. Thanks for your understanding,
Don Duchesne
OWA Secretary Be sure to visit this site too to see what happens to May and June's meetings as well.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 7 PM

Don't miss the March Ottawa Woodworker's Association meeting next Tuesday March 3rd.  Gary Devries will be showing his techniques, tips, and tricks and for making a five-piece cabinet door using just a table saw.  As always, bring in your current projects for Show-and-Tell.  If you are planning to bring something in for Show-and-Tell, why not post a teaser about it in the Comments below?  Here's one:  George's Show-and-Tell will be a short Second Episode of What I Learned on YouTube.

PS:  don't forget your inside shoes... PPS:  come as early as 6:30 if you would like to help set up.