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Henry W Russell 1937-2019

This weekend we received the sad news that Henry Russell died in hospital on Friday night at the age of 81.  Henry was an active member of the OWA almost since the club's inception.  Who doesn't remember the delicately ornate souvenir cases he displayed, time and again, often for his grandkids, in our Show-and-Tell segments?  Coopered lids and inlaid floral motifs were testaments to his skills; and inspiration to the rest of us.  Year after year, Henry was a silent partner with Jack Schwass making decorative frames and commemorative plaques to celebrate annual Danny Proulx Award winners.  And he never failed to greet you with a ready smile.

Thanks to Terry McClean, the following was posted on our club's Facebook page:
Henry passed last evening after a Wednesday heart attack.
Details will be available on the Tubman site later today.  Visitation is Tuesday 1 to 3 and 6 to 8 at the Tubman funeral home next to the Queensway Carleton Hospital.  The funeral will be at the Ref…

February: Half-Blind Dovetails with Gary Devries

Feb's first Tuesday falls on the 5th.  Something good on TV that night?  Watch it on Netflix or have a friend record it.  Why?  Because Gary Devries is going to demonstrate the cutting of half-blind dovetails for drawer fronts and the subsequent fitting of drawer fronts into casework. Maybe we will learn the secrets of how Gary accomplishes in a two hour meeting what takes some of us two days to do. As always we meet from 7 to 9 PM in the basement of the Bethany Baptist Church, at the intersection of Baseline and Centrepointe, the West one as Centerpointe meets Baseline twice.  Come as early as 6:30 if you would like to help set up chairs.  And bring your dry indoor footwear. The Ottawa Woodworkers Association welcomes new members.  Just show up and register at the desk.  You may attend two meetings at no cost before deciding whether you'd like to join.

First Meeting of 2019

We are posting this on January 1st, on the first Tuesday of the year, never mind the month.  Whereas most months we meet on first Tuesdays, this month we will meet on the second Tuesday, the 8th.  Our feature presentation will be given by OWA member Igor Vasilenko, who is busy establishing a career for himself as a woodworker.  The topics will be shapers and his new shop.

Here, in his own words, is an overview of his presentation:
In my presentation on shapers, we will go over a few of the basics that involve choosing and using a shaper, and also take a look at the tooling and accessories that can make our shaper do more for us and our workshops.  I’ll also explain why I chose the shaper that I use in my shop daily, and show you some of the benefits that have come from having a shaper set up in my workshop.  I will bring with me some examples of shaper tooling that I own, and show some of the pros and cons of each type of setup.

Along with that, there will be the usual Show-and-Tell, …