Coming September 1st, The OWA 2020-21 Season's First Tuesday

As you likely expected, there will be no physical get-togethers in September, and it is very possible this means the entire 2020-21 year.  Nevertheless, the OWA Executive will try to provide some interaction on First Tuesdays of each month using Zoom, starting with Tuesday September 1.

How will it work?  Early on, we will try to feed main presentations to the membership in Live Streamed form.  This means that a certain time (Likely 7 PM on a first Tuesday) someone will host a Zoom meeting and present a woodworky topic.  Members will be able to watch the presentation, and we may even be able to handle questions from the participants.  As we get better at this, we expect to provide Show-and-Tell segments.   There will be bugs and failures along the way, naturally.

If you have not used Zoom we recommend you install it and practise using it.  You can watch a YouTube introduction to Zoom .  If you would like to practice watching live sessions, send your email address to George at  With the email addresses, George will be able to invite you to watch live practice sessions.  These will take place on Sunday the 23rd, Wednesday the 26th, and Saturday the 29th, each at 7:00 PM for about 15 minutes.  Not much will take place at these sessions, but they are intended to help you use Zoom smoothly in time for our first real Zoom session on Tuesday September 1st.  George too is a Zoom novice, so expect Zed bugs all over the place.

Some news:  We have partnered a little with the Ottawa Turners group, to the extent that there is a discounted membership fee if you're a member of both.  The OWA fee will be $45 instead of the usual $50, and we believe the Turners fee will be reduced by the same amount.  We meet on first Tuesdays whereas Turners meet on second Tuesdays.  So, we will no longer push forward the September and January meetings to second Tuesdays as we have done in the past to ease the beginning of the school and real years.  This way, members of both groups will not have to choose between clubs twice a year.


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