Third Tuesday of October

Our regular meetings are held on first Tuesdays of each month.  On the third Tuesday in October, the 20th, George is going to hold a Zoom chat with the OWA.  The chat will be informal, and it is designed to collect input from the membership on activities we can hold during these months when face-to-face meetings are not possible.  So that's one objective of the meeting, to collect your ideas and suggestions.  But since we'll all be in our homes, it can also be a bit of a show-and-tell where you can bring your latest opus to the camera, or a shop tour if you carry your laptop-tablet-phone to your shop, or a display of a built-in you were too lazy to disassemble and bring to a meeting...whatever.  Could it be a question-and-answer session?  Why not?  So stay tuned to your mail box where you'll receive an invitation to join that Zoom session, Tuesday 20th of October, 7 PM.


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