OWA Zoom Meeting: Tuesday Dec. 1, 2020, at 7 PM

We have a special feature presentation coming up on Tuesday.  Our own Christopher Dufault will talk about learning to carve marionettes abroad.  His presentation is titled: Wood Carving at Workshops at 'Puppets in Prague' (Czech Republic) and 'World of Puppets' (Iceland)

Christopher Dufault spent the month of August 2019 at a wood carving and performance workshop in the Czech Republic where he and people from several other countries each carved their own traditional Czech marionette under the expert tutelage of 'Puppets in Prague.'  A combination of machine and hand tools was employed in creating these marionettes.  Due to restrictions on travel caused by the pandemic this year, he has subsequently only been able to attend further such workshops via the internet -- again from the Czech Republic as well as from Iceland.  Christopher will describe the process of creating a traditional Czech wooden marionette and compare the merits of in-person and on-line learning.

And along with that there will be the usual (as if Zoom meetings are usual) Show-and-Tell, maybe even a shop tour if members want to take us downstairs or into the garage.  And there will be lots of time for a Q&A so plan your questions and have them at the ready on Tuesday.

How does it work?  You will get an invitation to join the Zoom meeting by email.  A strategic click or two will bring you into the meeting.


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