Feature Presentation for March 2: Us!

Alright.  There's no way to spin it.  We do not have a feature presenter for our March 2, 2021, first Tuesday of the month, meeting.  Still, some of us are having birthdays in March, so that's something.

We will do again what we did last month, execute a move first put forth by Mark Allen when he was Program Director, namely, we turn the meeting over to us, the members.  So, what do you have to Show-and-Tell us?  Are there Shop Tips you would like to share?  What about Jigs, are there some that work really well for you?  Maybe there's a recent Shop Improvement to crow about?  To take a page from Fine Woodworking, what about Methods of Work?  And one more: How do I ... [fill in the blank]?  To explain, every meeting has one or more of us who have solved the very problem that faces you now.  Ask your question at the meeting, and just pray you don't get too many conflicting answers.  Look, there must be a million things you do or wonder that merit sharing.  Bring them forth.  And prepare for thunderous applause that you will just have to imagine on Zoom.  If your woodworking contribution doesn't fit the categories listed, air it anyway.

As before, if you would like to touch base with George beforehand, maybe check to make sure you're ready, burn through a dry run, ask no-such-thing-as-a-dumb-question, whatever, you're welcome to contact George at georgef@uottawa.ca.

When?  Tuesday March 2, 2021 at 7:00 PM.

Where?  Your place.  Coffee, beer, wine, or Lagavulin will be served if you provide it.

Look for what?  A Zoom invitation coming to your email mailbox.


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