June 1 is about Timber Framing.

Well, OK, not all of it is about timber framing.  But some of it is!  Seems too some of it is about Fine Home Building.  Past President Rob Suarez has prepared a short presentation on the topic, so there will be time for everyone's shows and tells, questions, and so forth.  But here's a description of Rob's feature presentation in his own words:

At the end of my carpentry career I had the privilege of working on a high end home where carpentry started to blurr the lines into woodworking.  The job required a lot of patience and time and most importantly exacting skill.  In this slide show we’ll see how these three unique jobs were accomplished and lastly get a visual tour of the final results.  I’ll discuss the numbers too, hours and pricing to acheive this project.

We’ll explore a pine and cedar timber framed screened in porch, a seamless continuous grain, with multiple hidden doors carport, and lastly a two story guard/handrail white oak architectural element.

Look at your email for the link to the zoom presentation starting at 7 PM on Tuesday June 1.


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