Six Strategies to Improve Your Sharpening, and Your Woodworking

If you've been keen to get an edge on your skills in sharpening, then you won't want to miss our feature speaker this month.  Long-time, highly accomplished member and elder statesman of the Ottawa Woodworking Association, Brian Greene will join us on Tuesday, January 4 at 7 PM to offer some no-nonsense advice about how to get the most from your sharpening.  If ever a presentation were to earn the description of "cutting-edge", this is it.

Adventures in Woodturning by Bob Testa, Tuesday Dec 7, 7PM

The night opens with a short appeal from Nanette Labelle, representing CHEO*, who seeks volunteer woodworkers to build unique furniture and other devices to meet special needs.  She will provide an overview of the work and will be there to answer any questions. We have a special presentation lined up for Tuesday's Zoom get-together: Bob Testa will be sharing his secrets and struggles in turning some of his artful creations.  You've seen some of his works in our physical meetings -- doubtless, your reaction was "You can't have turned that!"  Well, on Tuesday the 7th of December you'll get the full story of Bob's masterpieces in his presentation titled "Adventures in Woodturning". And as we've come to expect, the remainder of the evening will feature impromptu Shows-and-Tells -- just blurt it out when you're ready --, maybe a shop tour or two, Questions-and-Answers, and general conversation.  We'll start at 7 PM, and plan for tw
We received this note on Oct 27th from Andrew Strome, on staff at Lee Valley: Lee Valley is currently looking to hire a Category Manager in the woodworking line, and we thought that this might be of interest to your members: Copy the above and paste it into a browser's address or search field.

Scroll Sawing with Dave Whittier: Tuesday November 2nd, 2021 at 7:00 PM

Are you thinking your next purchase will be a scroll saw?  Are you feeling guilty about your scroll saw collecting dust in the corner of your shop these last two years?  Either way, if you're looking for inspiration to get scrolling, November's meeting might just be the one for you.  Or maybe you're just scrollcurious?  That's fine too.  Join us in our monthly OWA Zoom meeting, first Tuesday in November (the 2nd) 2021. Why?&nbsp First I'll just let Dave Whittier's photo-collage explain: Or maybe you'd like to read a few biographical paragraphs in Dave's own words: I started out in the wood working hobby by making clocks using bullets as the minutes and seconds and using a Dremel tool to carve out animals on the clock face.  I decided at one point approx 20 years ago that I wanted to try scroll saw work.  I purchased a scroll saw from Canadian Tire which turned out to be a waste of money.  (Always remember you get what you pay for.)  I finished my

Jazz Up your Tool Handles

Are you up for a special treat in October's meeting?  Karen McBride has upgraded her internet service and will be able to star in the Feature Presentation of the Month .  Her topic will be Inlay Bespoked Tool Handles .  Yes that's so: Instead of settling for a plain hickory hammer handle, why not jazz it up with a meaningful -- or just pretty -- inlay?  As always there will be time for the rest of us to contribute with shop tours, summer accomplishments, Q's to be A'ed by the experienced among us, personal tool reviews, and any other short presentations of interest to woodworkers. So, if you're on the mailing list of the Ottawa Woodworkers Association or that of the Kingston Artisans, you will soon receive a Zoom invitation to the meeting: First Tuesday in October (the 5th) starting at 7 PM.  Come early -- at 6:59 -- to help set up chairs.

Members set to storm September 7th meeting.

Unless there is a late breaking development, we, the Ottawa Woodworkers, are going to storm the meeting on the 7th with a flurry of personal accounts.  What accounts?  What woodworking project did you finish this summer?  What did you start?  Did you acquire a new skill in the shop?  Was there a major or minor shop reorganization?  Is there a Shop Tour for us to enjoy?  Our own Wayne Richardson moved house recently and is looking at a blank canvas of a shop.  Rumour says he will start a series of short reports detailing the shop's development.  What's more, you can use your time to declare what you would like to see in these Zoom meetings.  It's a good bet they will go on for a bit, so come out and tell the fragments of the Executive what you think would be a useful or interesting presentation.  So, from now to the 7th of September, work on your own presentation, whether it's canned or on-the-fly.  Don't make us call names.

June 1 is about Timber Framing.

Well, OK, not all of it is about timber framing.  But some of it is!  Seems too some of it is about Fine Home Building.  Past President Rob Suarez has prepared a short presentation on the topic, so there will be time for everyone's shows and tells, questions, and so forth.  But here's a description of Rob's feature presentation in his own words: At the end of my carpentry career I had the privilege of working on a high end home where carpentry started to blurr the lines into woodworking.  The job required a lot of patience and time and most importantly exacting skill.  In this slide show we’ll see how these three unique jobs were accomplished and lastly get a visual tour of the final results.  I’ll discuss the numbers too, hours and pricing to acheive this project. We’ll explore a pine and cedar timber framed screened in porch, a seamless continuous grain, with multiple hidden doors carport, and lastly a two story guard/handrail white oak architectural element. Look