Three-D Printing in George's Woodshop: Tuesday May 3, 2022, 7 PM

At Don's suggestion I will show photos on how a 3D printer can be useful in a woodshop.  When I ordered the printer I had no idea how much of an asset it would be in woodworking.  And it's not to combine plastic bits with wood objects; no, the plastic bits rarely become components of the objects I make.  They are mostly tools and tool-modifications that help woodshop processes.  Two themes are highlighted:  One is how surprisingly robust even the cheapest most common plastic, PLA, can be in demanding applications.  The second theme is about modifying, replacing, or inventing tools to make woodshop tasks easier.  An example of the second theme is illustrated here, a 3D printed bevel gauge that clears the bump-out in the corner.

End Grain Guided Plane Skew on Shop Talk Live

You've heard countless times to plane in the direction of rising edge grain.  New to me was Shop-Talk-Live guest Wilbur Pan's recommendation also to skew the plane according to the rising end grain.  So, if viewed from your planing stance, the end grain rises to the left, skew the plane to the left so its left side trails.  This was in a recent episode, Number 264.  Has enyone else heard this recommendation?  Better yet, has anyone found this suggestion successful?

Tuesday, April 5 2022, 7 PM: BYOS

Our monthly Zoom meeting on Tuesday the 5th of April has been cleared for us.  Yes, it's BYOS Night = Bring Your Own Show Night.  OWA members take the stage to tell us what they're up to, what they've been up to, and what will they be up to.  Wooden creations, shop improvements, tool reviews...anything woodworking related goes.  The show starts at 7 PM with Dean's jewelery box.  Free-for-all follows.

Shop Talk Live, Episode 262, is particularly interesting.

Episodes of Shop Talk Live are wonderful, I make it a point to watch every one.  But this one, Episode 262, is a Must-Not-Miss.  Why?  Hosting, along with Mike Pekovich and Ben Strano, is our own Vic Tesolin.  The show always delivers solid woodworking knowledge, but with Vic at the microphone, the knowledge is packaged in mirth.  Hear about Vic's Old Tool Trinity , and have your ears perk up when some actual OWA members are mentioned by name.  Here, let me set the show just a CLICK away.

An Interview with Thierry Montpetit

We are in for a treat.  Jocelyn Plourde's enthusistic curiousity will be fully engaged when he interviews architect Thierry Montpetit.  M. Montpetit is a self-taught woodworker who mixes media into creative -- often beautiful -- original designs.  We will follow along as Jocelyn noses through M. Montpetit's home asking him about this, that, and the other thing.  When?  Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 PM in a Zoom meeting, invitation by email.

Stereotomy Resources from Patrick Moore

No question, we were inspired by Patrick Moore's presentation on stereotomy.  (No, in the end George did not burn down his shop.)  Patrick supplied us with references to additional videos and reading materials on the internet along with contact coordinates for his own web presences should you wish to enroll in his School of Stereotomy or merely follow along his endeavours.  Recommended YouTube Videos Stereotomy: The Alchemy of Solids By Rene Salas Guitarde for the KIGUMI: Revealing the Carpentry Behind the Wood Joint Exhibition by Patrick Moore Scribing tradition in French timber framing by UNESCO German Traditions Traditional skills, techniques and knowledge for the transmission of wooden architecture in Japan By UNESCO Social Media Links to Follow Patrick Moore or his School of Stereotomy Instagram - thestereotomist Facebook - School of Practical Stereotomy - École Pratique de Stéréotomie Twitter - thestereotomist Website - www.historicalcarpe

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022: Stereotomy with Patrick Moore.

If you've thought about punching up your great room with a ceiling fixture like that of a 13th Century French cathedral, then our next OWA Zoom meeting might just be the place to start.  Patrick Moore will star as our feature presenter, the topic being stereotomy.  Patrick is the first North and South American carpenter received as a Compagnon Passant Charpentier (Passing Companion Carpenter) in France and who completed his masters with the esteemed Association ouvrière des compagnons du devoir du tour de France (Companions of duty workers association of the tour of France).  If you would like to learn a little more about stereotomy or Mr Moore, visit his website at If you're a member of the Ottawa Workers Association or her sister organisation Kingston Artisans, then you will receive an invitation to attend the Zoom meeting scheduled to start at 7PM on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022.