April 2018: Brian Greene on Sharpening

The threat of another winter storm didn't keep the DIY hard OWA members at home.  First came a couple of announcements from Rob, one of which was a reminder to contact George if you are interested in developing an internet web page or making woodworking videos to post on the internet.  Details about this are at the bottom of this page.

The floor was then turned over to Brian Greene to give his Five Strategies to Improve Your Sharpening.  With his years of sharpening both his own tools and ones for Lee Valley and others, as well as teaching numerous classes on the subject, there are few people who are as well versed in the dark art of getting that "scary sharp" edge on your favorite plane blade or chisel.  This was not so much a how-to evening although we ventured down that rabbit hole for a bit.  It was more of ideas of how to help improve your sharpening like "the more often you do it the less time it takes" or "attitude is everything, it's really not that hard,"  With a few visual aids and many questions it was a topic that could very easily be revisited.

The second half was Show and tell.
Roger Chan with his vacuum formed tray (left) as well has one of the Harry Potter magic wands that his grandchildren made(right). After making and selling 61 wands, they donated all $1000 to CHEO.
[left]  Joe Federer's (really) Floating-Top Table #2.

[right]  Don Duchesne with his approximately 200 year old hand screw clamp and draw knife.
Bob Testa and his Walnut entryway Seat with drawers.

[George's Update: So far I have Bazz signed up for getting started with making videos; Doug who wants to create a web page; and Rob who would like to launch a YouTube channel for the OWA.  I can also get you started incorporating discrete LEDs in your wood working projects.  All participants so far say they'd like to start sometime in the summer.  Contact me at georgef@uottawa.ca if you're interested in any of this.]

Safe woodworking and see you in May.
Ken Dixon,
OWA Past President


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