May 2018: Plastic and Metal

The second to last meeting of the 2017/18 year, with two presenters, was well attended.
First were some announcements by President James, one of which is the OWA website decided to go AWOL.  Even with our best and brightest minds on the case, the domain hasn't yet been found.  So we have a new web address  Note w replaces the first a in ottwwa.  But if you are reading this, congratulations, you found us!
George Fouriezos was first up.  He steered left of woodworking to talk about 3D Printing in the Woodshop.  George has been playing around with a 3D printer for a little more than a year making everything from dog tags and signs to flasks and marking tools for woodworking, not to mention tools and parts for various machines.  George, as always, was able to keep a crowd of woodworkers entertained, informed, and engaged with a topic that didn't include any wood at all.  You can watch a similar presentation on George's woodworking channel on YouTube.
After the break, Brian Greene steered to the right with a follow-up to last month's discussion on sharpening.  This month his topic was tuning a hand plane.  Before he got into that topic he took us all back a few steps to what needs to happen before one gets to the tuning stage.  First, assess whether the plane is worth restoring or is it just a good looking paperweight?  Next fettle, then lap.  Once all that is done, and the blade is sharp, and the plane is clean, and all the parts play nice with each other, then it's time to tune.  As with last month, Brian generated questions and discussions from the group.

Thank you to both George and Brian for excellent presentations.

The evening was capped by an announcement from one of our long time members, Norman Pirollo.  Norman, along with his wife and a couple of others, have started down the magazine publishing road.  The inaugural issue of Wood Skills is out now.  For more information visit  Norman was kind enough to donate prizes for the 50/50 draw, two online versions and two hard copies of the magazine.

Have a safe month in your shop and we will see you at the final meeting of this season, June 5.
Ken Dixon,
Past President


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