November 2017: Ken Dixon's Meeting Summary

Workbenches, the name of the game for the 50 people who attended the November meeting.

For the main presentation, Rob, with the help of slides, gave a lot of great information about work benches, from their history, to all the different work holding devices, both old and new, and different accessories to be used on your shop bench. He also had his newly completed Split Top Roubo bench set up and discussed its design and advantages.

After Rob's presentation, Gary, using Rob's bench and Roger's Moxon vise, gave a demonstration on how, over the past 40 yrs, he has hand-cut through-dovetails.
After the break Jocelyn inaugurated a new feature of meetings with his Screw-up-and-Tell item. An attempt to make some pulls for drawers did not turn out as well as he had hoped. Lesson? Measure all the hole-spacings when upgrading pulls, not just the first one.
It was great to see so many people bring their Show-and-Tell items. It began with Roger and his Moxon vise, then his wonderful Kumiko latticework, small and large.

Standing behind his teaser leg vise, Dean had a slide show of the making of his split top Roubo bench.

Brian showed his Miter Jack with a bit of an explanation on how it works.

Rolf was next with his first two attempts at some veneer work. They look great, Rolf.

James sent the bench theme back a couple of millennia with his newly completed Roman bench.

George played a video of himself giving an explanation and demonstration of his adaptation of a Moxon vise. See it here:

Matt showed off his new mallet, a beautifully executed first project. Bravo Matt! ==>

And apologies to Denis for not having a photo: he permanently affixes small blocks to his hold fasts to prevent marring workpieces when they're held at the bench.

Be sure to see our separate post about December's meeting. In addition to being a social get-together, December's meeting invites the public to attend, and will feature a three minute (or longer) dovetail challenge. Details are in the post a little higher up.


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