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Curved Joinery with Scott Grove

October's meeting of the OWA will take place -- virtually -- on the second Tuesday in October, the 6th, at 7 PM.  The 90 minute presentation including Q & A will be given by Scott Grove.  The topic is Curved Joinery.  Scott Grove is a master designer with a rich, widely ranging portfolio.  To see some of his artistic accomplishments, visit his web site at

The virtual presentation will be delivered to your home via Zoom, an application for hosting meetings that works on modern electronic devices ranging from desktops to cellphones, including laptops and tablets.  If you're not familiar with Zoom, download a copy -- it's free -- to your device well before the meeting.  You will receive an email notice a little before the meeting starts; with it you will be able to click through to the meeting itself.  Use the email address that you gave to the OWA when you signed up or, to register a current email address, send the info to ottawa.woodworkers.assoc@gmail.…