March 2, 2021.  This will be a page where members can make their files available for download.  Typically members will post slide presentations after they've been presented at meetings. It's early yet, so we have only two items right now.

Wooden Plow Plane Restoration by Sylvain "Bazz" Bazinet

Bazz offers us a pdf file of his March 2, 2021 presentation on his restoration of an antique wooden plow plane dating back to the mid 1800s.  In addition to documenting the steps, he lists the products he used.  And he makes special mention of woodworker Bob Demers (who helped found the OWA) and antique tool source Doug Orr who both extended helpful advice.  The file contains valuable links to the people who, and products that, helped in the restoration.

Perfect Keys for a Splined Frame

The YouTube channel "I Simply Build It" shows how to rip thin strips at the perfect thickness to use as splines or keys.  In other words, the strips are as thick as the kerf is wide -- no jig, no calipers, no measuring of any kind.  All you need are two scraps of wood -- of which one is the source material -- a clamp, a sled for your table saw, the table saw, and the blade you used to cut slots for the splines or keys.  Intrigued?  Then watch this short YouTube video.


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