OWA 2023-24 Regular Dues

Now that Covid19 and her variants have been tamed a little, we have re-launched in-person meetings beginning wiith the October meeting of 2023.  Everyone is encouraged to mask up so as to encourage attendance by those at-risk of serious illness.  As a special treat, Lee Valley Tools has made available their seminar room, and for that we are deeply grateful.  Meetings take place on first Saturdays of the month from 2 to 4 PM.  The meeting hiatus is over; so too the dues relief is done.

The OWA annual membership fee is $50.  It provides participation in club activities from September of one year to August of the next.  Non-members may attend one or two meetings -- ask for a guest pass -- before deciding whether to become members.  Dues may be paid in any of three ways:
1) In person by giving cash or a cheque to the club treasurer at a monthly meeting,
2) Using the PayPal utility below on this page, and
3) Using an e-transfer to ottawa.woodworkers.assoc@gmail.com.
In the case of an e-transfer (#3) please include your name, email address, phone number, and the words "membership payment" in the message area.  This information is critical if you are a new member, but helpful nonetheless if you are renewing, especially if there is a change in your contact information.  If you are paying for something other a full year's membership, please indicate what it is instead of "membership payment".  Memberships should be renewed at the beginning of an OWA season, in September or so, so that the club secretary can distinguish continuing members from those who have left the club.

New Member Joining Late?

If you are a new member joining late in the OWA season, from January through June, then you are entitled to a rebated membership depending on how much of the year has passed.  This does not apply to late renewals, only to those joining the OWA for the first time.  For that contact Jocelyn Plourde or Greg Fox, treasurers, to pay with cash or a cheque at a meeting.  To contact either outside of meetings, email ottawa.woodworkers.assoc@gmail.com  It will be helpful to add "Attention: Jocelyn Plourde" in the subject line.

Student Member Dues

Students currently enrolled in woodworking programs may join the OWA at a reduced annual fee of zero dollars but there is a modest catch.  To qualify for the student rate, one has to make a presentation at a meeting during the year. It can be a short one, like a show-and-tell for example.  To register as a student, talk to the club secretary at a meeting.  The discount was created for full-time students in woodworking programs at Algonquin College, in Ottawa or Perth, but enrolling in a short, one- or two-week course at Rosewood Studio, for example, does qualify for the discount too.

Dues Payment via PayPal

Click the down caret in the box to the right to indicate whether you are joining for the first time or renewing membership for this year.  This field tells us whether we need to create a new name badge for you, but it may be a while before the badge is available.
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