OWA 2020-21 Regular Dues

Given the covid-19 pandemic, the OWA will not host face-to-face meetings in 2020-21.  The Executive reviewed the budget to see whether membership dues might be reduced since space rental will not be an expense.  Because of the shift to meetings over Zoom, and because there was a general appreciation of Scott Grove's presentation, two new expenses were added: 1) a license for Zoom, and 2) the cost of paying for speakers. We have budgeted for two paid speakers; Mr Grove was one.  We are also planning to have several interesting speakers who will not be charging for their time.  We also lost some sources of revenue such as from the 50/50 draws and from the sale of refreshments.  It's tough to estimate how many members we will have this season.  Mr. Grove's presentation drew about 25 participants, so we used that to set our 2020-21 budget, which will have a deficit of approximately $600.  This is manageable in our overall financial picture, but for the time being, membership dues will have to remain at $50.

OWA 2019-20 Regular Dues

The OWA annual membership fee is $50.  It provides participation in club activities from September of one year to August of the next.  Non-members may attend one or two meetings -- ask for a guest pass -- before deciding whether to become members.  Paying dues can be done using PayPal at this web page or in person at meetings.  It is important that renewals be done at the beginning of an OWA year, around September, so that the Membership Secretary can distinguish continuing members from those who have left the club.

New Member Joining Late?

If you are a new member joining us late in the OWA season, from January through June, then you are entitled to a rebated membership depending on how much of the year has passed.  This does not apply to late renewals, only to those joining the OWA for the first time.  Instead of using PayPal here, contact Jocelyn Plourde, Treasurer, for further instruction.  Use email to ottawa.woodworkers.assoc@gmail.com  It will be helpful to add "Attention: Jocelyn Plourde" in the subject line.

Student Member Dues

Full-time students may join the OWA at a reduced annual fee of $25.  Students who join or renew through PayPal should present their student cards to the club secretary at the next meeting they attend. 

Dues Payment via PayPal

Click the down caret at the right end of the upper box to the right to indicate whether you are paying for a regular or student membership.  With the lower box choose whether you are joining for the first time or renewing membership for this year.  Note that membership badges will not be printed during the pandemic restrictions on meetings.
  • Regular dues OWA ($50)
  • Student dues OWA ($25)
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