Dues Collection Covidarily Suspended

If you came here anxious to pay your 2020-21 OWA annual dues, well, have a seat.  Because of Covid19 restrictions, we will not be meeting face to face, and that means the OWA will not be renting space for our meetings.  Given that we are struggling with decisions over what sort of programming we can offer, it makes no sense to collect annual dues.  For this reason, we have suspended our DUES page so that you cannot pay dues online for the time being.  Now if we didn't catch you in time, and you did manage to sneak in a payment using PayPal for the 2020-21 season, we will re-imburse you.  For the most part we are aware you paid, and will reimburse you without you having to do anything.  On the chance you paid and we missed paying you back, email George at georgef@uottawa.ca to let him know the OWA needs to pay you back.

If you were a member in good standing (where good standing just means you coughed up the cash) during the 2019-20 season, then you will be considered in good standing from now until the crippled executive figures out how to proceed from here.  Why crippled? a) No President; b) No Vice-President / Program Director; Which brings up the issue: Is anyone interested in leading the charge to plan and to populate meetings?  Yes? Then let Don know using Ottawa.Woodworkers.Assoc@gmail.com as the email address to reach him.  Or just comment below.

Members in good standing have been informed of Scott Grove's Zoom presentation on curved joinery (Oct 6 at 7 PM) and have already received an invition to watch the presentation.  If you have not received an invitation to watch, and you want to join the OWA so that you can watch this presentation, contact George (georgef@uottawa.ca) right away.


  1. While I appreciate and understand the cancellation of the dues, we should keep in mind that events like last night's presentation by Scott don't come for free. I have no idea of our financial situation but just wanted to note that I'd be willing to pay dues to support more sessions like Scott's.


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