The OWA was invited to join a developing umbrella group called  They promise access to virtual woodworking shows from Tuesday afternoons to Thursday nights, and are offering us the ability to hold our own meetings as before, but using their platform.  It seem we can attend other groups' meetings as well.

At this point it is a little cloudy on exactly how to use their platform.  Their platform is not Zoom, but similar enough so that the transition will be painless.  Annoying?  Sure.  Painful?  Maybe not.

Some things we do know: They have given us 60 tickets, enough for all the OWA members we have this year and had last year.  Don Duchesne will send you an email that contains a link, maybe with instructions to activate your ticket.  It will be personalized in the sense that it, along with your email address, will give you access to their offerings.  To get started, you will have to register with them,  Through January I (George) will play around with their platform.  If it becomes clear how it's to be used, I will post instructions here.  While you wait for that, drop in on them at to see what you can learn.  In my visits to their site, I see changes from week to week, suggesting they're still adjusting their program.

For what it's worth, the first live show that our club members can attend is on Tuesday, January the 19th.  The platform opens at 5:30 PM and the live show starts at 7:30 PM.  From other statements I have seen on their web pages, we should have access to everything from Tuesdays at 5:30 PM through to Thursdays at 11 PM.  According to them, our meetings can be held on their platform, and it has been reserved for us starting with the first Tuesday in February.

We are shifting to them on a trial basis.  As soon as they start advertising, charging money, restricting us, delivering weak or repeating shows, or somehow else being jerks, we will leave them and revert to using Zoom until enough of us are vaccinated and we can meet again in person.

Comments from OWA members will be appreciated, no, cherished.


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