OWA on Ground Hog Day

Your Best Woodshop Tips

We want to hear your best shop tips.  The tips can be about anything, whether it's about working wood or storing rags; fine furniture or machine stands; hand tools or power tools; whatever.  If it's something that you do in your woodshop that might benefit others to learn, let's hear it.  You can set up a live demonstration, prepare slides, or make a video, doesn't matter, we're up for it.  You can even just talk about your tip if that's what you want to do.  By the way, let George know if you would like to practice with your set-up, slides, or video beforehand.  Email georgef@uottawa.ca  Prepare several tips.  We will start with everyone's best tip, and then have a second round, and maybe a third until we either run out of tips or run out of time.  Come prepared because Jocelyn will be calling out names.  We will also hold a Show-and-Tell segment and a Question-and-Answer portion in the meeting.  Look for the invitation to the Zoom meeting in your email.  Tuesday, February 2, 7-9 PM.

Woodworking Presentations are Us.  Or Them.

Lining up feature woodworking presentations just got a whole lot easier thanks to Virtual Woodclub Night (VWN).  VWN is a Toronto based outfit that offers three presentations a week, a Tuesday presentation on carving, a Wednesday show on general woodworking, and a Thursday feature on turning.  Ordinarily there is a charge for these shows, but members of established woodclubs can obtain free tickets if their club signs up -- we did -- and they register individually.  On Tuesday our white-haired executive will say a little more about it, and Gina, a VWN spokesperson, will make a presentation of her own.  For the time being, you can visit a Facebook page maintained by VWN.


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