Three-D Printing in George's Woodshop: Tuesday May 3, 2022, 7 PM

At Don's suggestion I will show photos on how a 3D printer can be useful in a woodshop.  When I ordered the printer I had no idea how much of an asset it would be in woodworking.  And it's not to combine plastic bits with wood objects; no, the plastic bits rarely become components of the objects I make.  They are mostly tools and tool-modifications that help woodshop processes.  Two themes are highlighted:  One is how surprisingly robust even the cheapest most common plastic, PLA, can be in demanding applications.  The second theme is about modifying, replacing, or inventing tools to make woodshop tasks easier.  An example of the second theme is illustrated here, a 3D printed bevel gauge that clears the bump-out in the corner.


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